About us

Our Project

  • Authentic Radio

    Regional Non-commercial FM broadcasting

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  • Bethsaida Health Centre

    Bethsaida Health Centre was approved by...

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  • Authentic International Academy

    Discovering your Purpose for the Future

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  • Authentic TV

    Authentic TV is an Online Church project with...

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  • Authentic Prayer Mountain ( Giheka )

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  • Authentic Library

    Authentic Library is a project with the vision of selling Books and Teachings on DVDs to many (...)

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  • Project ZT/RW280

    Authentic TV is an Online Church project with the vision of reaching many audiences

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  • Authentic Banking

    Authentic Banking Sarl is a microfinance bank that was birthed by Authentic Word Ministries as (...)

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Services Time

Blessing Day (Ex-Tuesday) : 17h00’-19h30’

Silence Day (Ex-Thursday) : 17h00’-19h30’

Transfiguration Day (Ex-Sunday) :

  • First Service : 8h00’-10h30’
  • Second Service : 11h00’-13h30’
  • Third Sercice : 16h00’-18h00’

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